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Written by Oleksandr Gavenko (AKA gavenkoa), compiled on 2024-04-01 from rev 052223c22317.

pacman package manager


Arch wiki.
Tips & tricks.
MSYS2 / Mingw64 package management with pacman.

Package management

List installed packages:

pacman -Q

Info about a package:

pacman -Qi $NAME

Finding dependencies of a package:

pactree $PKG

Install a package:

$ pacman -Ss $NAME

Update system:

pacman -Syy

Upgrade system:

pacman -Syu

Remove a package:

pacman -R $NAME

Remove a package with unused dependencies:

pacman -Rs $NAME

Remove a package with all dependencies:

pacman -Rcns $NAME

Download a package:

pacman -Sw $PKG

Install a package from a file:

pacman -U $PKG.zst
pacman -U $PKG.tar.xz

Search for a package

By name among remote available packages:

pacman -Ss $REGEX

Among already installed:

pacman -Qs $NAME

To search for a package by a file name among installed packages:

pacman -Qo $FULL_PATH

To search for a package by a file name in remote packages:

pacman -F $NAME

To weaken search for packages with a given subscring in a file name:

pacman -Fx $NAME

To update the package database (including file paths for search):

pacman -Fy

To list all installed packages:

pacman -Qq

To list only explicitely user requested installed packages:

pacman -Qqe

To list files for an installed package:

pacman -Ql $PKG

To list files from a package based on repote information:

pacman -Fl $PKG

Managing mirrors

Check files from the package pacman-mirrors:

pacman -Fl pacman-mirrors
pacman -Qi pacman-mirrors