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Written by Oleksandr Gavenko (AKA gavenkoa), compiled on 2024-04-01 from rev 052223c22317.

Man pages

Man sections

1 Executable programs or shell commands.
2 System calls (functions provided by the kernel).
3 Library calls (functions within program libraries).
4 Special files (usually found in /dev).
5 File formats and conventions eg /etc/passwd.
6 Games.
7 Miscellaneous (including macro  packages  and  conventions).
8 System administration commands (usually only for root).

Invoking man

Search for prog, func, conf file:

$ man [<section>] <item>

Search by specific keywords:

$ man -k <keywords>

Viewing inside Emacs:

M-x man RET [<section>] <item>
M-x man RET -k SPACE <keywords>

Sections order

NAME                - brief prog description
SYNOPSIS (USAGE)    - command line options in BNF
DESCRIPTION         - long prog description
OPTIONS             - long option descriptions
... misc sections ...
AVAILABILITY        - whare search source, where home page
FILES               - list of files that has effect on program working
BUGS                - know issue, how report bug

Man page showing

TODO Bolt by print char, back one char and print same char. Underscore by printing undescore, back one char and print char.

Development tools

To preview local man page:

$ groff -man -Tascii foo.1            # 7-bit char
$ groff -man -Tlatin1 foo.1           # 8-bit char
$ groff -man -Tlatin1 foo.1 | less
$ groff -a -mandoc -Tlatin1 e.1
$ groff -man -Tutf8 foo.1

$ man ./foo.1                         # if slashes in path - use file

$ mkdir man1
$ cp foo.1 man1
$ man -M . 1 foo                      # without slashes search in MANPATH item
                                      # and add /man1 to each item

Output format

Plain text:

$ man foo | col -b >.foo.txt


$ groff -Tps foo >foo.ps


$ groff -Tdvi foo >foo.dvi