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Written by Oleksandr Gavenko (AKA gavenkoa), compiled on 2024-04-01 from rev 052223c22317.

DJVU file format.

About djvu.

Many useful links.

DJVU viewers.

DJVU Editors.


  • A full set of utilities to manipulate and assemble DjVu images and documents.
  • A set of decoders to convert DjVu to a number of other formats.
  • A standalone DjVu viewer for Unix under X11 (based on the Qt library).
  • A browser plugin that works with most Unix browsers


DjVu Solo.

Tool for editing and merge files and documents in DjVu format from LizardTech. Currently not maintained.

djvu to pdf.


$ ddjvu -format=tiff book.djvu book.tiff
$ tiff2pdf -o book.pdf book.tiff

or directly:

$ ddjvu -format=pdf book.djvu book.pdf

PDF to Djvu.


For 'pdftoppm' install xpdf (both Linux and Cygwin):

$ pdftoppm -mono -r 600 -aa yes  $PREFIX.pdf  $PREFIX
$ for pbm in $PREFIX*.pbm; do  cjb2 -dpi $DPI $pbm $pbm.djvu;  rm -f $pbm;  done

$ djvm -c $OUTFILE  $PREFIX*.pbm.djvu


$ pdf2djvu file.pdf
Home page.

JPEG to Djvu.

JPEG to high quolity DjVu (DjVuPhoto encode):

$ c44 -dpi $DPI  $FROM.jpg  $TO.djvu

JPEG to low colour DjVu:

$ cpaldjvu -dpi $DPI -colors $NCOLORS $i $i.djvu

$ djvm -c $OUTFILE *.djvu    # Many .djvu to single .djvu.

JPEG to bitonal DjVu:

$ convert  $PAGE.jpeg  $PAGE.pbm
$ cjb2 -dpi $DPI  $PAGE.pbm  $PAGE.djvu

$ djvm -c $OUTFILE *.djvu    # Many .djvu to single .djvu.

if you don't like default delev of balck adjust options:

$ convert -solarize 50% -level 0,50%  $PAGE.jpeg  $PAGE.pbm


$ convert  $PAGE.jpeg  pgm:- | pgmtopbm -value 0.499 > page.pbm