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Written by Oleksandr Gavenko (AKA gavenkoa), compiled on 2017-10-13 from rev 5ee52f8d25b5.


Network managers.

Mainstream in Debian:

Intel Connection Manager daemon.
Network management framework (daemon and userspace tools).
Wired and wireless network manager.


Come under systemd umbrella, absent in Debian.
WiFi Radar
Python scripts that lanches another applications.

MAC address vendor list

Search to MAC address vendor list.

Ukraine internet provider.


User - none, password - none, phone - *99***1# or *99#.


User and password you get by sending SMS message to 920 number. Phone #777.

DNS name resolution

DNS to IP address:

$ nslookup example.com

IP to DNS address:

$ nslookup

NetBIOS name resolution

nbtstat.exe command comes with Windows and allows NetBIOS name resolution from cache.

NetBIOS to IP address:

$ nbtstat -c
$ nbtstat -a NETBIOSNAME

IP to NetBIOS address:

$ nbtstat -A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

List of NetBIOS name:

$ nbtstat -r

List of open ports

List of open ports under Windows:

cmd> netstat        # with DNS name resolution, TCP only
cmd> netstat -n     # without name resolution, TCP only
cmd> netstat -a -n  # TCP and UDP
cmd> netstat -s     # show IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP statistics.

List of open ports under Linux:

$ sudo netstat -tulp

where -t tcp, -u udp, -l local, -p process.

or to use port number instead of protocol name:

$ sudo netstat -tulpn

Which processes open port


cmd> netstat -o     # show PID
cmd> netstat -b     # show also cmd name
cmd> netstat -b -v  # show all modules (.exe and .dll) with full path


$ sudo netstat -tulpn
$ sudo lsof -i

Network connection troubleshooting

On Linux:

$ ping
$ traceroute
$ mtr

On Windows:

cmd> ping /t
cmd> traceroute
cmd> pathping

Proxy auto-config.